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This is something that can change your inner self-image more than the outer so that is why we put that much more importance on surgeons that have prestigious medical training.

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When you prepare correctly for the surgery you will be faced with very little risk. There is very little risk to begin with so you don’t have anything to worry about. The Doctor that I’ll be preforming your procedure will give you outstanding care and highly trained medical staff will be there to assist you every step of the way. When rhinoplasty is a decision that should be prepare for a little bit more than the regular one. The better prepared you come into the surgery then the less you have to worry about most surgery. Recovery should be also part of the prep process because you want to keep note of the time it will take to heal. Some patients will be different than others but most will take seven to fourteen day before going into the regular day to day things that you usually do.

When recovering from rhinoplasty you’ll be surprise to know that very little pain is associated with the process. You will be under anesthesia for the whole time and even after it wears off you should not even feel that much pain after as well. You may have bruising or swelling around your eyes but medication can be given for that. Most of the time the surgery will take place on the inside part of your nose and will leave no scarring. You should also expect to have some immediate improvement but don’t be too fast to judge because it makes up to a year to see the real results. When the surgeon removes the split after one week you may feel some discomfort but that should go away very quickly.

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If you’re feeling self-conscious about your nose or maybe you’re struggling to breathe, the doctors here can notice what will be best for your particular situation. Whether you choose to go with cosmetic reasons or functionality reasons the results are usually permanent so make the right decision going into it. Ask a lot of questions because it is what will keep you confident through the whole process. If you have any questions at all during the whole prophase of the surgery then ask our medical staff. They have been training to keep everything discrete and will treat you with respect. Privacy is the number one thing in the office so you can be rest assured that you will be treated with the out-most care. Don’t struggle with your breathing any longer, come in for a free consultation and we will make sure to help you out.

We have a story about four sisters that came in together for the rhinoplasty surgery, it is rare to come in with your family let alone four sisters, but they came in for the nose job information and the two of them had bumps on their noses and the other 2 had a wider nose that they wanted to reduce. The sisters mentioned that they would invest tons of money on products that would help lessen the bump or hide the wideness but really nothing would help. We were glad that they came in for a free consultation because being insecure of their noses is a big problem and we wanted to be there to help them. It is not all the time that you get all four sisters having a similar problem and all of them wanting to fix it together. A few months later one sister was first to the rhinoplasty and when she came out looking thinner and glowing; the other three sisters actually felt better about each other and even had more confidence in themselves even without having the surgery done on them yet. It was amazing see a change in all four sisters after only one of them received the surgery. That is what’s possible here - changing lives one nose at a time.

When choosing revision rhinoplasty - it can be a choice that will put you in a situation where you are choosing a better surgeon. Having to get your nose re done is not something that is planned at all and we understand the pressure involved to help you get satisfaction with the surgery. These can occur when a previous surgeon was too overly aggressive with the process or just went too far with a certain correction. By customizing the revision rhinoplasty to each individual, we will be able to fit that certain unique problem with its solution.

By using your own body’s cartilage in the surgery, the reconstructing of your nose will be able to heal a lot safer instead of using silicone, implants or other synthetic revision substances. These tend to become infected sometimes and may even be pushed out of the nose itself. This can be dangerous and must be noted when going into the surgery. The cartilage that is used is most often from the nasal septum. If however the patient has had previous surgeries in the past and can’t be taken from there, then they will take it from the other places like the ribs or ears. It is always better to go with the natural cartilage then synthetic implants. We also recommend this for all the patients who decide to get this surgery because it is what has gotten the best results so far.

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The recovery process after a revision rhinoplasty surgery can be a lot smoother but note that it will take a little longer to heal. After one week post-surgery the splits will be removed and the stitches will also be removed. Don’t ask yourself how many nose jobs or revision rhinoplasty is too many because if you have to count them all on your two hands then we believe - that is too many. We do our best at our certified office to get you right in only a couple. One main and another one just to make sure everything went well. You will experience swelling and bruising but that is just natural and should be expected. This should take several months to recover from and it will be all part of the consultation plan we will help create for you. You do not want to do too many activities in that time because you need all the healing time you can get to make sure that the nose settles in correctly. All the swelling and bruising should be gone within the first two weeks and most of the time even sooner than that.

If you are still asking yourself if you are a good candidate for the revision facial surgery then we can clear up and anything doubts you might have right now. There are a number of different things we keep in mind. The amount of scar tissue that is present from the last rhinoplasty and the quality of a surgery that was done before. What are the deformities we are faced with and what are the risks involved in doing a second surgery.  All the factors that must be addressed are something that we go over with you when you come in for a consultation. We take careful analysis with patients and choose the right surgeon on staff who will be perfect for the job A lot of the time we get a surgeon coming in that is under training, they will usually sit in with one that is experienced in revision rhinoplasty so you will never get one that is just in training by themselves working on you. All of the surgeons we work with go through heavy training even if they have had years of experience in the past.

Yes, a second nose plastic surgical procedure will take a little more time to heal because the swelling will persist a little longer but with time it will heal. You may even feel a little more bruising because the skin is being moved and worked on for the second time; this is more traumatizing for the skin. Be positive and expects positive results because with time it will heal. The surgeon will be with you to answer any questions so you don’t have to worry if you have something to ask speak up and say it. The people who are unhappy with results just let it all happen even though they don’t get their questions answered or don’t go into for help even when they know they should have. This is the time to be communicative with your doctor.

The one who will get the best results is the one who can follow the instructions of the surgeon and make sure that they follow the plan that is laid out for them. You want to seek improvement and not perfection here. We have found that the ones seeking perfection do a little too much, have a little too much surgery, go in for a little too many touch ups. You want to go for improvement and not perfection because you don’t want to overdo it. Ask to see some before and after pictures of past patients so you have a good idea of what is possible for you. You may have seen some pictures online of other people but when you see before and after pictures of the actual work of the surgeon that is doing your surgery then you can begin to become more comfortable with them and get more confidence within yourself. Ultimately we want you to find satisfaction with the rhinoplasty surgeon you choose.

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